Incoming: Adventure

Two days ago, I had my very last day at a job of over eleven years. There were good times, and bad times; great people and less than great people. But no matter what, that place was something of a home for me, the people something of a family. It’s what happens when you stay somewhere for over a third of your life, isn’t it?

Often when an employee leaves a job, they’re sent off with a farewell and a cliché along the lines of, “you’re about to start your next big adventure!” Most of the time that means starting a new job, and meeting some new people.

In my case, it’s far more literal, because I’m leaving for over a year of travelling around the world. I want to see all the things even though I know I’ll barely scratch the surface.

Despite the exciting adventure waiting for me (T minus 5 days, 9 hours and 36 minutes!), it was a bittersweet day. As ready as I am to move forward, to venture the world, to see great things and to eat everything, I was still an emotional mess.

My office sent me off with a lovely lunch, an oversized farewell card with messages I refused to read until I left in case I cried, and a 128GB SD card on which to store the thousands upon thousands of photos I won’t be able to resist taking. They know me so well. 😉

Overall it was a nice, if emotionally overwhelming day. I hope they all know how grateful I am for the time I spent there, and for the people I got to know. Surely they must, since two of my friends from the company sent me a gift perfectly suited to our friendship: a bouquet of rainbow roses (I love me some rainbows!), a wonderful scented candle, and an card that simply said, “get lost :)” with no name. I knew immediately who sent them, and I smiled over it for the rest of the day.

Thanks again, guys. And I promise to get lost…but not too lost. Just lost enough to find some amazing things along the way. 🙂



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